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Use Myket intents: ●Access to app details page To access directly to an app page, you can call URL below:


Instead of [PACKAGE_NAME], you must type the package name of the application. For example:


This URL calls the Taaghche application details page. • These category of links are displayed through the Myket app as well as through the browser. • If the [PACKAGE_NAME] app is not valid, in your browser the message "Application Not Found" is displayed and in the Myket application the message "Application not found. You can request this app." will be displayed. ●Direct access to an app • You can use the following pattern to provide direct access to your app's Myket page:


• If you want the user to view your application's review directly, call the URL below:


• If you want to start downloading the app when you open the app's details page on Myket, you can use the below pattern:


• You can view an app's video directly by using the below pattern (this feature has been added from Myket 5.1.0 version):


* Instead of [PACKAGE_NAME], you need to type the package name of one of your apps. For example, after calling the code below, the user will see the applications review of the Taaghche app with the app package name:

String url= "myket://comment?id=ir.mservices.mybook";
Intent intent = new Intent();

* Note that to test these links, your app must be published on Myket.

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